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Frequently asked


  • Who is the author?
    FireCatRich is the artist handle used by Richelle, the sole propietory of this comic site. If you want more information about commissions, galleries, and other information about the artist that information can be found here:
  • How often do the comics update?
    'Where Does It Hurt?' updates twice a week with a new page every Wednesday and Saturday. Other titles and projects are seasonal. FireCatRich works as a freelance artist an illustrator for companies and private parties. The more support through sites like Patreon means more time for comics and updates will happen more often.
  • How can I support the comics?
    The best way to keep the comics coming is to sign up over on Patreon! Patreon is a volunteery subsription service where you can support the comics, join in on the creative process through polls and discord, as well as get lots of perks. Patreon gets all comic pages well in adance of their public release as well as getting exclusive content including monthly colouring book pages.
  • What are extras?
    Extras are all of the lore, maps, design sketches, and other materials that are made for the larger comic projects that are offered in addition to the comic pages.
  • Do you allow fanart?
    Of course! I am happy people enjoy these charaters enough to draw them. I try to retweet fanart when I see it, so please tag me on twitter (@firecatrich). However please do not use the characters, designs, or worlds for commercial use without permission. Thank you!
  • Will you ever publish a comic book, zine, or art book?"
    Physical merchandise such as a comic book are in the works! Please stay tuned.
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